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How students are included in St. Andrews School

Akira students attend their core subjects (English, Math, EVS, Hindi / Telugu) in the Akira building (located within St. Andrews Marredpally Campus), with Akira's Special Educators.

However, they are considered a St. Andrews student and are included in the mainstream school in many ways.

Akira students:

How does this help?
Joining St. Andrews after Akira

After Akira, parents are given the option of mainstreaming their child in St. Andrews School. As the child already identifies as a St. Andrews student, they are able to:

St. Andrews Teachers have also undergone awareness training conducted by Madras Dyslexia Association and Akira management to help them understand how best to support Akira students after joining St. Andrews.


Students joining St. Andrews school are also able to continue Special Education services through the St. Andrews Department of Supportive Education (D.S.E.).

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